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WAO! Shop

Build your brand, open a storefront, and earn money through from social media following — all on one platform.

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Mobile App

The Product

WAO! is a micro-entrepreneurial platform that empowers users to build a marketplace and capitalize on their social media following.

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community-driven, educational, and sticky

Improve Engagement

The Project

The problem

WAO! Shop sellers don't have enough in-app tools to advertise to potential customers, so they find those tools elsewhere.

The goal

To provide a series of meaningful features that enable users to advertise to their customers from within the WAO! Shop platform.

New Features that
Build User-Engagement (3).gif


Sellers answer questions on 4 categories to determine resources to help them achieve their goals. (4).gif


Sellers explore the news feed where they can see activity from others, gain trust for the platform, and earn action points that help motivate them. (5).gif

Catalogue/Virtual store

Sellers customize their marketplace with product catalogs that appealed to their clients.

Sellers add their own logo and name to personalize the experience of their clients. Seller can create live to motivate buyers and create trust.

The “Why” Behind the User Flow

Features were the main deciding factor and the user flow's initial stop.


Most of the sellers are self made entrepreneurs that have learned how to run a business on their own.


We mapped the user flow based on past first-party data about the customer journey and previous conversations with sellers.

Data Driven

Most seller were excited for the new features but wanted their clients (buyers) to access to some of the new features.


Sellers and buyers feel more confident using the app by getting reviews and seeing interactions between other buyers and sellers.



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