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Easy-to-use virtual time capsule platform to preserve your memories.

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The Product

Unearth is a versatile and engaging product that combines elements of storytelling, history, and personal connection to create a unique and meaningful online experience. It allows users to curate their digital legacies and explore the stories of others, fostering a sense of connection across time and generations

The Project

The problem

Digital content is often impermanent, leading to the loss of personal histories. Existing platforms lack depth for meaningful storytelling, and privacy concerns persist. This project seeks to provide a dedicated platform for curating, preserving, and sharing memories, bridging generational gaps and encouraging reflection in an increasingly digital world.

The goal

Design an app that will:​

  • Create an emotional connection between users and their memories and between users and the stories shared by others, enhancing the overall user experience.

  • Design with the intention of bridging generational gaps, making the platform accessible and appealing to both older users looking to preserve their memories and younger users interested in exploring history and personal narratives.

  • Integrate educational features that help users learn about historical eras and storytelling techniques while using the platform.

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Understanding the user

I conducted user interviews with potential users of "Unearth: A Virtual Time Capsule Adventure." Many interview participants expressed feeling disconnected from their personal histories and anxious about how to effectively preserve and share their memories. The feedback received through research indicated that users would welcome a platform that simplifies the process of curating and exploring digital time capsules, helping them reconnect with their past and share their stories with ease.

Pain Points

  • Users often feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of digital content they accumulate over time, making it challenging to organize and revisit meaningful memories.

  • Connecting with older or younger family members and bridging generational gaps can be challenging, especially when sharing personal stories and experiences.

  • Educators seeking innovative teaching tools for storytelling may struggle to find platforms that offer both a creative outlet for personal narratives and educational resources.


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Usability testing

The usability testing revealed that "Unearth the Past: A Virtual Time Capsule Adventure" was generally well-received by users. They appreciated its emotional impact, ease of use, and potential for both personal and educational purposes. The findings also highlighted opportunities for refinement, particularly in terms of simplification, accessibility, and additional features to further enhance user engagement and satisfaction.



• Make sure that interactive elements have visible focus states, so users can see which element is currently selected or active.

• Include captions for audio and video content, and provide transcripts for multimedia content to accommodate users with hearing impairments.

• Implement clear and descriptive labels for form fields, provide error messages and suggestions for corrections, and ensure that forms are easy to complete using assistive technologies.




Unearth highlights the significance of creating a user-centered, accessible, and emotionally engaging platform that addresses users' diverse needs, fosters connections with the past, and offers both personal and educational value. The project demonstrates that with thoughtful design and continuous improvement, digital platforms can serve as powerful tools for preserving and sharing personal and historical narratives.

What I learned

• Inclusivity Matters: Accessibility should be a foundational consideration in platform design. 

• Emotional Connection: Design elements that foster emotional connections with memories and stories can be a powerful tool in engaging users and making the platform more meaningful.

• Cross-Generational Appeal: Platforms that bridge generational gaps can attract a wide user base, encouraging inter-generational storytelling and connection.

Next steps

1. Continue refining accessibility features, ensuring that the platform is even more user-friendly for individuals with disabilities.

2. Conduct ongoing user testing to gather feedback from a diverse range of users.

3. Expand the educational resources available on the platform, including guides, tutorials, and lesson plans.


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