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Design System

Complete set for a bank with standards intended to manage the design at scale using reusable components and patterns


The Project

Develop a cross-platform design system for a bank that enables designers and developers to utilize the necessary frameworks to craft captivating product experiences through iterative processes.


The Challenge

After establishing a strong brand identity and standardized frameworks, the challenge is to ensure that the Design System remains comprehensible to any designer or developer who needs to implement it, even after building components using basic elements from the system.


The Process

Initiate collaborative discussions and brainstorming sessions with the team. By engaging in these activities, aim to gain a deep understanding of user needs and challenges. We focus on gathering real-time user feedback to identify the key components that should be incorporated into the Design System. This approach ensures that the system addresses the specific pain points faced by users, leading to a more human-centric and effective design solution.


Increased efficiency, improved user experience, scalability, and brand consistency. It provides a solid foundation for creating and maintaining high-quality, user-centric designs while fostering collaboration and facilitating the growth of design practices within an organization.

Next steps

1. Adoption and Documentation: Ensure that the design system is widely adopted by all relevant teams and stakeholders.

2. Governance and Maintenance: Establish a governance model to oversee the maintenance and evolution of the design system.

3. Cross-Team Collaboration: Foster a culture of sharing insights, best practices, and learnings to continuously improve the design system and ensure its effective implementation across different projects and products.


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