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UI update

Software that enables automated tracking, document management, and communication for you and your client's transportation logistics operations.

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The Project

Upgrade the app's user interface to increase platform traffic and flow awareness.

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a Modern Look That’s Intuitive & Easy

UI Update



• Intuitive
• Account for finger and hand positioning
• Legibility
• Hierarchy
• Filtering and sorting
• White space

Top navigation bar

Filtering and sorting

Shipment cards

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Filtering and sorting

• Full on screen
• Overlay bottom sheet
• Relevant options
• Intuitive
• Filter and sort in close proximity
• Collapsable control areas

Filtering and sorting


In-app Notifications

• Dot indicator for unseen notifications
• Legibility
• Hierarchy
• Account for finger and hand positioning
• Consistency
• Digestable

Notification Center


The Process

During the empathize stage, begin with discussions and brainstorming sessions with the team. Based on real-time feedback, determine what you need to include in the UI update.

Project Overview

Understanding the user

Design Process

Going Forward

Refining the design

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A user-friendly app that can be used from anywhere will help users locate and use the necessary tabs and information as quickly as possible.

Next steps

1. Conduct research on how successful the app is in reaching the goal.

2. Add more educational and guidance resources for users.


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